The main direction of my activity is software development to order. I propose the development of application or specialized programs if, for example, there is no ready-made software for your task, or the existing programs do not quite satisfy all your ever-growing requirements or changing external factors, and you constantly need to develop and adapt something. . It is for the solution of the tasks I develop programs to order. At the same time, the reason to apply for writing a program to order may be the fact that the possession or refinement of existing software is too expensive.

For my customers, a full range of custom software development services is provided, incl. with the involvement of third-party specialists:

Pre-project analysis, project evaluation
Design, development and design of user interface software, taking into account usability.
Custom Programming
Testing the program.
Implementation, maintenance and software update.
Technical support, user training.
With pleasure I will offer you the following services for the development of custom programs:

Software development
Programming services for software development (software, programs) to order:

Software development for OS Windows.
Technical advice on this and related topics.
Development of technical documentation or program instructions.
Web development
Web programming services for custom web programming:

Development, site creation.
Revision, changes and other work on the sites.
Development of CMS modules
Support and maintenance of your site (Content, regular programmer tasks).

Development of web services and portals
Development of web services and portal of any scale for automation or business creation

Software development
Custom software development

Automation of management accounting
Systems for powerful support of the company's management cycle

Personal account development
Modern, interactive personal accounts for your clients and partners

Automation of business processes
Development of programs for automating business processes, reducing costs and managing risks

Development of CRM-systems
Fast and scalable CRM-systems for solving business problems and sales management

Programming Services
At your service is a team of professional programmers PHP, JavaScript, Angular, etc. We program on conscience

Development and implementation of an audit system
We develop and implement automated audit systems. Identify, fix and prevent problems

Development of document management systems
Reliable programs for automating workflow. Generate documentation and manage tasks

Creation and support of web sites


Creation and support of web sites


Search engine optimization:


Search engine optimization:


Internet advertising


Internet advertising