What does Master SEO site offer when creating an online store:

Different design options:

• Full-featured online store with the ability to select and order goods directly on the site.

• Online store with a product catalog and a basket (with the ability to select and order goods directly on the site) without a personal account of the Buyer

• Website "Internet showcase" with product catalog (without placing orders through the website)

• Multi-user online store (online mall) with the ability to add products by users

• Creating an online auction site

Examples of online stores from the web studio portfolio


  • Разработка интернет-магазина Доставка34
  • Создание интернет-магазина светотехники


It is possible to create an online store as a separate site, and the development of an online store as part of a corporate site.

Modern content management systems site (CMS), programming the required modules. Your online store is created on the basis of CMS, "sharpened" under certain types of e-commerce (1C-Bitrix, PHPShop, and other CMS systems).

For visitors to your online store "MasterSEOsite" in the development of the site provides:

Convenient navigation through the online store
Modern design
Fast loading of online store catalog pages
For the owner of the online store "MasterSEOsite" offers various solutions that increase the convenience and efficiency of work and maintenance:

Convenient control panel site
Ability to create multi-level product catalogs
Easy update of current information
Convenient order management online store
High shop security
Initial SEO optimization of an online store website
The introduction of various modules that expand the capabilities of an online store and increase its attractiveness for customers and users:

Sort goods by various characteristics
Communication with various payment systems
Photo gallery of goods
Automatic withdrawal of recommended products, similar products, rating of popular products
Comment and rating system for users
Choice of currency by users
System of bonuses and discounts
Personal account of the buyer or a quick purchase without registration
SMS order notifications and email
Automatic generation of invoices and receipts
Bulk loading of goods: export / import range
Uploading goods to Yandex.Market
Integration with 1C
Introduction when creating an online store principles of electronic merchandising: placing information about related products, blocks about new products, special promotions, sorting products by novelty, principles of customer assistance. Read more about the introduction of online merchandising when creating an online store.

When developing an online store, at various stages of its creation, we try to pay attention to every little thing in order to make its future work as efficient and convenient as possible. For example:

Convenient addition of goods to the cart without reloading the page - without making unnecessary "clicks" and unnecessary stress for the eyes
Easily view product photos, increase product pictures
The ability to compare products by characteristics
Version of the page for printing and the ability to download price list in Excel format
Feedback to managers - at any time you can ask a question through the feedback form
and much more…


Programming supported by economics

We learned not only to create websites, but also studied marketing, merchandising, the art of sales. In addition to programmers and web professionals, specialists with an economic education also work on the site of your online store. This approach is one of the foundations for excellent key indicators of the site’s future performance.

The cost of creating an online store site: from 20000 rubles. Term of development of the online store site: from 2 weeks. Read more about the cost of creating websites.

When creating an online store in "MasterSEOsite" in addition, you get:

Free registration of the domain name chosen by you in the zone ru or RF for 1 year. We can also help you to check for free if the selected domain name options are free for registration. You can learn more about domain registration at the office "MasterSEOsite".

Free registration site online store in major search engines such as Yandex, Google, Rambler, Mail.ru. All registration is carried out only manually, which guarantees the correctness and timeliness of providing information about your site in search engines.

Free installation of the visitor statistics counter on the created site (Yandex, LiveInternet systems, Mail.ru, or another one at your request).

Placement and configuration of the created website of the online store on the hosting. Qualified selection of hosting that meets the technical requirements to ensure the correct operation of the site. You get a fully ready to work online store.

Discount when ordering additional content created by the online store-content, creating a catalog of products and services.

Additional discount when ordering promotion created online store. We will conduct a professional promotion of your website, an advertising campaign for a website on the Internet, search engine promotion for an online store website.

Additional discount for creating a second site. We are sure that you will enjoy cooperation with the center "MasterSEOsite".

Free training of the Client’s employee (in any place convenient for you in Volgograd or via the Internet) to work with an online store and content management system.

Free technical support - 6 months (installation of required system updates, correction of program errors that occurred).

Free telephone and online consulting support - 6 months.

We offer the creation of online stores that will sell.


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