Business card site is a small site (usually up to 50 pages, with a small number of sections and services), which does not require further frequent updates of information.

When creating a business card site is the best option:

• Your company first decided to enter the virtual market and create a website

• You want to post on the site information about a one-time event or event (exhibition, promotion)

• Your Company does not need to place large amounts of information on the network.

• You want to create a website for search engine promotion.

• You are interested in creating a website with minimal cost.

• You want to create a site that tells about one of the Company's activities, in addition to the main corporate site.


When creating a business card site, it can contain sections with information:

• "About company" ("About us", "About project") Section with general information about the company. May contain additional subsections: "Company mission", "Company history", "Our team", "Vacancies", "Contacts".

• "Products" Section of a business card site with a description of the products manufactured or goods sold.

• "Services" Catalog of services offered by your company. This can be either one page with a list of services and their brief description, or several subsections with a separate detailed description of each offered service.

• "Articles" Articles, publications, informational materials.

• "Portfolio" Portfolio of your work.

• "Company News" Section of a business card site for posting company news, information about ongoing promotions.

• "Reviews" section containing reviews of your customers.

• "Contacts"

• Other sections, "sharpened" for the best presentation of your information on the site.

Term of creation of the website business cards: from 3 days.

The cost of creating a business card site: from 7900 rubles


Examples of sites-business cards from a web studio portfolio


  • Сайт-визитка дистрибьютора Mobil


The advantages of creating a business card site in MasterSEOsite:

When creating a business card site, modern ready-made and individually designed website designs are used, which allows you to create a business card site in the shortest possible time.

The created business cards include a functional content management system (CMS) that allows you to easily update information on the site.

The proposed options for creating a business card site allow you to create both personal and corporate sites. When creating a website, business cards take into account the specifics of placing your information.

Business cards, developed individually or represented in the Store of "Quick Start" sites, are already completely ready to work sites, and further allow to expand the functionality of the site.

Creating a business card site can serve as the basis for the further development of your site. In the future, you will be able to add an online store and other sections to the website-business card and create a full-featured corporate website based on the website-business card.

Store site "Quick Start" allows you to create a business card site for 3 days. Choose the site and design you like, and in 3 days your site will already work. The modular program allows you to select additional modules and expand the functionality of the website business card by creating a full-fledged corporate website.


When creating a business card site in MasterSEOsite, you additionally receive:

Free registration of the domain name chosen by you for the website to be created in the ru or rf zone for 1 year. We can also help you to check for free if the selected domain name options are free for registration. You can learn more about domain registration at the office "MasterSEOsite".

Free registration of the created business card site in major search engines such as Yandex, Google, Rambler, All registration is carried out only manually, which guarantees the correctness and timeliness of providing information about your site in search engines.

Free installation of a visitor statistics counter on the created site (Yandex, LiveInternet systems,, or another one at your request).

Placement and configuration of the created site on the hosting. Qualified selection of hosting that meets the technical requirements to ensure the correct operation of the site. You get a site completely ready for work.

Additional discount when ordering the promotion of the created website. We will conduct a professional promotion of your site, an advertising campaign, search promotion.

Additional discount for creating a second site. We are sure that you will enjoy cooperation with the Center "MasterSEOsite".

Free training of an employee of the Client (in any place convenient for you in the city of Volgograd or via the Internet) to work with the site and the business card site management system.

Free technical support - 6 months (installation of required system updates, correction of program errors that occurred).

Free telephone and online consulting support - 6 months.


Creating a website-business card will allow you in a short time to effectively announce on the Internet about your business proposals and promoted brands.​​​​​​​


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