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We create websites of various levels of complexity: a business card website, a flash website, a corporate website, an online store, an information portal. We create vibrant web sites and correctly set the necessary accents, take into account the individual specifics of your business and attract the attention of visitors. When creating a site, we strictly monitor the quality and lines of work. Our technical support specialists are ready to promptly and clearly advise you on all matters relating to the work of the site. When designing a website, we provide the ability to integrate a content management system (CMS) so that any employee of your company who does not have special skills in this area is able to quickly and conveniently make all necessary changes to the website.



Business card site is the best choice for small and medium-sized companies. The inexpensive cost of the site and small amounts of information are its main characteristics, which makes business cards the most popular types of sites for our clients. As a rule, a short list of goods or services, contacts, price list, order forms and feedback is placed on the business cards websites. As a result of such a simple structure, the time frame for developing a business card website is significantly reduced, and the customer has the opportunity to quickly and efficiently present their business on the Internet. All our business card sites necessarily include graphic elements of dynamic animation, which makes them even more attractive in the eyes of visitors.

A flash site is a bright and memorable Internet project designed to impress the user and bump into his memory for a long time. Maximum graphics and minimum text - this is the credo of the flash site, which makes it ideal for the presentation of the Internet product catalog. Designed using the latest web technologies, it is always a dynamic, beautiful and non-standard project.



The difference of the online store from the usual site lies in the advanced features of the presentation of the catalog of goods and prices of your company, greater interactivity with visitors. An online store can act as a presentation site for your company, but in addition to this feature, it is also a powerful marketing tool to increase your sales.

Convenience of use. Thanks to the convenient organization of the product catalog hierarchy, it is very easy and simple for a visitor to search for the product he needs! The online store also provides an opportunity for buyers not only to familiarize themselves with the characteristics of a particular product, but also to order it immediately, at any time of the day, sitting right at their computer, making a couple of mouse clicks. If the buyer is comfortable, then he will definitely order the goods from you!

Ease of administration. The online store provides the customer with convenient administration options: it is simple and easy to organize a hierarchy of large volumes of information about the goods sold; immediately update the assortment, quickly changing product descriptions, photos and prices; available to present information about special offers, and much more. With the administration of an online store, made in our web studio, anyone can handle, even without special training in this area.

A more complex Internet project, characterized by a developed system of sections, a large amount of information being placed, additional built-in modules and a wider list of functionalities. As a rule, these are large sites with a large audience of users and regularly updated material, including the ability to publish reviews, comments, ratings, blogs, connect RSS news feeds, integrate into social networks.

1. Consultation with the customer, determining the type of site, the development of technical specifications (list of requirements for the site).

2. Development and coordination of website pages design. Ready-made design - a choice from a large catalog of ready-made designs, lower cost. Unique design - the creation of a unique design for the site by our designers from scratch, higher cost.

3. Development of a program code of a site, integration of a control system of a site.

4. Choosing a domain name, filling and publishing the site on the Internet.

About us

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Business development is not trusted by an abstract agency, but by specific people with a certain experience and already established methods of client management. To make it easier for you to understand whether our philosophy is close to you, we wrote in detail about the specialists of our team and their approach to solving problems. These people will work on creating your advertising campaigns.




We put business at the forefront: with the help of search marketing, we do not just attract traffic, we solve our clients' business problems. To do this, we are working on the site, helping to improve the product and build relationships with consumers. We do everything that is necessary for successful promotion: from website optimization to reputation management. We focus on important business indicators: the growth of applications, reducing the cost of attracting customers, reducing failures, increasing the average check.

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Our Capabilities

We have a talented team of software professionals who can build custom software to suit your business requirements.

We are team of top C# developers, engineers, programmers, coders, architects, and consultants. 

MasterSeoSite is a proficient C# and Web development company that provides a wide array of services by combining breakthrough technology with deep-rooted expertise. Our bespoke C# development services have a prime objective to serve the best solutions to convert your business challenges into opportunities.

Our capabilities include:

  1. Custom Software Development:
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Application Development
  • API Development
  • Software Tools Development
  • Security Software Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Science


  1. System Integrations:
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Payment Gateways
  • Shopping Cart
  • Booking System
  • Analytics
  • Search
  • Email / SMS
  • Chatbot / Help Desks


  1. Product Design:
  • Application design
  • User Experience (UX) design
  • User Interface (UI) design
  • Branding
  • Illustrations


  1. Monitoring and Support:
  • On-going support
  • Long-term support
  • Status Monitoring
  • System alerts
  • Security upgrades

Social Media

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Take over the management of the Vkontakte group, your Instagram account, the Facebook and Odnoklassniki communities.


Content preparation

Keeping the Vkontakte group, the Instagram account, the Facebook and Odnoklassniki communities is impossible without a well thought-out content plan, a clear rubricator and unique graphics. We will make your social networks interesting and useful for subscribers.


Filling groups

Our experts will undertake all the routine work of publishing content in accordance with the content plan. We will follow the agreed regularity of posts and take into account the "peak hours" of the presence of the community audience on the Internet.


Community moderation

Keeping the group Vkontakte or any other social network is not limited to posting. We will maintain order in groups: we will remove spam, promptly react to the negative and ensure that not a single client question is left unanswered.


Individual approach

We do not put the group promotion on stream - a strategy is developed for each client based on an analysis of the target audience, the current position of the company in social networks and the activities of competitors.


Our principles

In our work, we follow a few inviolable rules for maintaining a group in social networks.

Clear KPI
We work on the result, so we provide all the data on subscriptions, engagement and reach of the audience, traffic to the site, etc. We prepare regular reports based on social network statistics and our own analytical tools.

Unique content
In our communities you will not see the stock images and copied texts. Each project employs professional copywriters and designers who prepare content specifically for your groups.
"White" methods of promotion
We do not engage in mass-liking and mass-trapping, do not buy bots and do not delete negative reviews. We use only those tools that work on the ultimate business goals - attracting new customers and increasing loyalty.

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Creation and support of web sites


Creation and support of web sites


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Search engine optimization:


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