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3D modeling

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The 3D modeling service is a set of measures for creating a virtual three-dimensional object using specialized software.

It is in demand in industrial production, construction, graphic design and many other areas.

Creating a 3D model: timeline
As for the time costs, we will need at least 2-3 days: during this time we will develop a 3D model in accordance with all customer requirements. Of course, the complexity of the model and the required number of its elements affect the duration of our work.

For more information on how the development of 3D models to order, read in the following sections.

Phases of 3D modeling
Using 6 years of experience in the market, we have developed an efficient algorithm for working with customers.

It consists of 4 stages, which should be described in more detail.


1.3D modeling: TK
In many projects, the terms of reference is a kind of plan, which includes the wishes of the customer, the tasks of the contractor.

We are talking about technical statements about the product and its components: material, dimensions, preferred method of production.

This is important because TK affects the quality of work done in the future.


2. Creating a three-dimensional model
Considering all the tasks set by the customer, the 3D modeler is starting to create a three-dimensional version of the product.

It is created in a special graphics editor, such as 3DS Max, Cinema4D, or SolidWorks.

This is not the final version of the project, so at this stage it is possible to make edits if necessary.


3.Rediting a 3D model
This term refers to a set of actions aimed at bringing a three-dimensional model consisting of points, as well as textures and lighting into a full, realistic, colorful 2D image.

After this task is completed, the developer receives the model image he needs with superimposed textures, indicated by shadows and properly selected lighting.


4. Creating a prototype
If the development of custom-made 3D models interests you in order to create a real product in the future, the work on the 3D-modeling program is followed by a prototype-making stage.

This is a sample of the product, which will provide an opportunity to visually assess how well the model was developed.

Also, it can be used to identify all the mistakes made when creating a model.


The creation of three-dimensional models is in demand in Russia and around the world.

Pay attention, for example, to the number of cartoons that fall in film distribution lately.

Each of them has a huge box office, and they all use technology such as 3D modeling.


Photo Processing

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To catch the moment, find a good angle to notice the inconspicuous detail is very important for a good photo.

Interactive maps

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A great way to tell how the event took place on the ground.

3D tours

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Creating a virtual tour


The phenomenon of virtual tours is experiencing a rebirth. Services to create the first 3D tours in Russia began to provide more 2000s. But it is worth remembering what kind of time and labor was both the shooting of the panoramas and their subsequent consolidation into a virtual tour. The process of shooting and editing the panoramas of a 1-room apartment was within 2-3 hours, exactly like the further formation of the tour. That is, the full cycle of creating a tour could take the whole working day. And this is the creation of only one tour! Only large hotels, car dealerships, premium real estate objects could allow a tour, and the creation of tours for ordinary apartments was out of the question.

Today the situation has changed radically. With the help of 360 degree cameras, we can shoot the entire room (take a picture of the panoramas of each room) in minutes, and then, based on spherical images, create a virtual tour in 10 minutes.

The technique of shooting on 360 degree cameras will allow real estate agencies to begin the mass creation of tours! The almost complete lack of competition in this market gives a significant head start - it's time to offer our customers an interesting and unique offer!

Interesting Facts

Real estate properties with virtual tours are sold 30% faster and more expensive by 9%;
Real estate agencies that began to create tours of apartments and houses, noted an increase in sales of 40-45%;
Potential customers browse options with 3D tours 3 times more often;
The number of false impressions of objects with a 3D tour is 40% lower;
The increase in attendance of sites with virtual tours by 30%.
according to NAR - National Association of Realtors USA


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Any memorable event worthy to about it were sweet memories.

Restoration of Photos

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Nothing lasts forever. Photographs crumple, fade over time, are torn or worn.

Creation and support of web sites


Creation and support of web sites


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Search engine optimization:


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